Who We Are

Shawn & Lindsay Smith


Shawn Smith


In 1997 if you had asked me where I saw my future, I can promise you I would not have told you I would be creating award winning jewelry. I was actually searching for a jewelry store to create a piece for me and went to every other jewelry store in town with no success. As a matter of fact I was told by most that what I wanted wasn't possible. On my way back home I stopped at a small store that had only been open a few months. Oh yeah, did I mention I was a plumber at the time? Anyway, I was absolutely mesmerized by watching the store owner fashion these awesome metal and stone creations. We became great friends and after about a year I asked for a job. He obliged and for 13 years I ran his store and honed my skills at the bench. Unfortunately, that store could not survive economic conditions and in 2010 I had the great opportunity to open this store. 

My style is a bit on the extreme side. I am not a designer of "normal" as you might see from the pictures on our site. I love huge stones with funky, crazy settings. Several of my big pieces have been featured in local magazines and newspaper articles and a few have even garnered awards. While my style is out of the box, I am perfectly capable of creating classic, more traditional pieces as well. I love creating a one of a kind engagement ring just as must as I do a 45 carat colored gemstone piece. The love isn't with a specific type of jewelry it is with the craftsmanship that is involved. It is also with the shear obsession that I have with making people happy at some of the most precious times in their lives. 

I am also a graduate of The Gemological Institute of America with certificates in Diamonds and Colored Gems. If you ever have the need or want for something truly unique, I feel sure we can provide that perfect AWESOME piece for you.